Whey Protein Can Help You Lose Weight- Find out How

Whey Protein Can Help You Lose Weight- Find out How

You must have come across many Whey protein references in a conversation around building muscles. Did you ever encounter anything that highlighted the weight loss assisting properties of Whey?

Well, here is informing you that this particularly fast digesting protein is an excellent component to include in your diet meals when you are looking to lose some weight. Studies on Whey protein suggest its positive impact on your hunger hormones, brain’s appetite control centre, and the blood-sugar level in your system.

Whey Protein Acts to Suppress Your Appetite

Whey contains many bioactive compounds. GMP or Glycomacro protein is one of those compounds which is known to increase secretion of cholecystokinin, a gut hormone.

Cholecystokinin amounts help your brain in determining when you are no longer hungry, thus prompting you to put down the fork.

The journal Appetite featured a study which clarified the impact of GMP found in Whey protein on eating patterns. The subjects in the mentioned study were divided into two sections and given regular, and GMP depleted whey protein. Afterwards, at an all-you-can-eat breakfast, the regular whey consuming group ate significantly less than the other group.

Researchers credited the development to the impact of GMP on suppressing appetite.

Whey Protein Tricks Your Brain into Believing Your Body Doesn’t Need Any More Food for Energy Extraction Purposes

Whey has an abundance of leucine. It is this branched chain amino acid that is gathered to have a direct impact on appetite. A complex equation between mTOR, hypothalamus, and leucine, research hints, might make you feel full without eating as much as you regularly do.

Hypothalamus contains the appetite control centre. mTOR regulates cell growth, motility, and proliferation besides other things.

When you consume whey protein, you consume leucine. Leucine acts as a signal and tells mTOR that your body has enough fuel. mTOR asks the hypothalamus to downregulate your appetite thus helping you feel full.

Reason Number Two- Beta-Glucans Brush up Your Cholesterol Profile

The gelling properties of beta-glucans come into play here. They make sure of a slow absorption of bile acids and cholesterol from the food under digestion. As a result, your body has to extract the required amount of cholesterols from your blood.

When the absorption of cholesterol from the gut reduces and rather is taken out from the blood, the circulating amount of cholesterol decreases in numbers.

In fact, research and numbers from sources as reliable as the US FDA show how about 3 grammes of beta-glucans end up in a 5-8% decrease in cholesterol levels.

Reason Number Three- Beta-Glucans Help in Weight Loss/Management

Slow digestion of food means a low appetite. After a dose of beta-glucans, you feel full for longer than you would after a fiber-less diet.

Also, beta-glucans trigger cholecystokinin release. This appetite hormone is responsible for telling your brain that you are full. When your brain realises that you aren’t hungry anymore, well, you will stop feeling hungry and will eat less, and lose weight as a result.

A meal with over 5 grammes of beta-glucans can reduce your food intake to at least a hundred calories a meal as per a study published in the Molecular Nutrition and Food Research Journal.

So What Is the Wait for- Introduce Beta-Glucans to Your Diet Today

With reasons so strong to support its inclusion in diets, it isn’t a surprise that the US FDA and the European Food Safety Authority have passed this particularly unique fibre with flying colours for food labels.

Try it. Include fiber-rich, specifically beta-glucan-rich items in your diet and say hello to a steady energy flow in your body and a lessened urge to feast on fast food.

Whey Proteins Keeps an Eye on Your Blood Sugar as Well

When on a diet, low blood glucose levels are a big concern. If you eat a carb-rich meal which will digest fast, your blood sugar level will go real high and will be followed by a massive insulin response in your system. Soon after, your blood sugar will come down, too down, and you’ll feel hungry.

Not a very favourable scenario when you are focussed on not feeling hungry, is it?

Whey protein stabilises your blood sugar level. It affects the production of glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) and Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1.) These two incretins work to maintain a proper insulin response, thus keeping your blood sugar from crashing instantly.

And If You Don’t Like Drinking Proteins, Just Make a Pancake

The traditional way of drinking proteins involves a blender, some ice cubes, and the protein powder. However, if the idea doesn’t appeal to you, you can use the powder in an innovative way. Make a pancake. Use whey in your pizza crust. Or make a protein bar at home.

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