About Wellnesss QED

Hi, I am Sanjay Tiwari. I set up Wellness QED in 2006 with a mission to put you in control of your own health. I believe that your health should be in the hands of you and your family, not unscrupulous beauty and slimming clinics. I support your desire to do what is best for you - including integrating alternative or complementary medicine into your lifestyle.

To this end, we have formulated a wide range of products and supplements that cater to requirements like weight loss, muscle gain, general health improvement, diet augmentation and some special situations like pregnancy, cardiac conditions or intolerance to gluten and lactose.

I have over 25 years of experience in IT, market research, pure water, beverages, foods, nutrition & wellness. We also have a highly qualified team of nutritionists, food safety experts, wellness consultants, food technologists and of course professional managers. We provide holistic healthcare solutions through products and services based on traditional wisdom, contemporary knowledge and technology.

However, we are not doctors and we cannot replace your health practitioner. We believe in modern medicine and you should too. If you have a medical condition, please use our products and services with your doctor's consent only.

We are targeting leadership in the wellness industry, not only by market-share, but also by setting the highest ethical and quality standards. We want to become an entity whom others in the industry look up to and follow.

We aim to deliver greater value to you by ensuring safety in our products, being fully transparent, following the highest ethical standards and selling you only what is good for you.

I encourage you to browse through our store and I am sure you will find a product that will enhance your health. Do remember to combine that with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Thank You and Good Health!

Sanjay Tiwari