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Brio Casein Platinum is a slow-release super-premium micellar Casein containing 26g protein per serving. It is ideal for anyone engaged in a long term physical training plan where getting the right dietary balance is absolutely essential. It's also an excellent supplement to help increase daily protein intake. As a dietary supplement we recommend consuming before bed or between meals, 2-3 times per day.

Manufactured in an ISO 22000 certified facility.

Great for long term physical training!!

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Brio Casein Platinum is a, slow release protein derived from milk. It's absorbed slowly by the stomach allowing a tapered supply of amino acids to the muscle over a prolonged period of time. This makes Micellar Casein the ideal protein supplement for between meals and before bed. During sleep, the body is normally starved of nutrients as it is impractical to consume food and therefore, a slow release protein can be ideal for recovery throughout the night. This protein source has a complete amino acid profile and contains branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). Micellar Casein has 26g of protein per serving which will contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Suitable For

  • Gym goers
  • Athletes
  • Recreational and professional bodybuilders
  • Sports persons

Key Features

  • Slow release protein for longer anabolic drive
  • Provides 26g protein, 12.2 g essential Amino-acids, 5.6g BCAAs, 4.1g Glutamic Acid per serving
  • Best protein drink for having at bedtime
  • Creamy and delicious

Additional Information

Pack Size1 kg
IngredientsMicellar casein, cocoa powder (only in chocolate flavor variant), artificial flavour, xanthan gum (INS415) and sucralose(INS955)
Allergy InformationContains lactose and casein. Free from soy, egg, gluten, sugar and yeast.
Recommended Dosage33g per serving (1 heaped scoop).
Recommended UsageAt bedtime or in-between meals


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