Help For Health Practioners


We hold regular seminars where we provide training for health practitioners like sports trainers, gym instructors, nutritionists and nurses. We augment your knowledge and bring you up to date with the latest developments in the field

You can use this information to provide better suited products and services to your clients. What is more, these seminars are absolutely FREE. Just call us at +91 99100 06803 and register yourself. We shall invite you to join our next seminar.

Training Videos

Once you have attended our seminar, you can continue to keep yourself up to date by downloading our training videos. We regularly upload videos that keep you updated with the latest in your field so that you are always at the cutting edge of knowledge.

Just login to our website with your username and you shall be able to see and download these videos. Note: These videos are available only after you have attended a free training seminar.

Mobile App

Do you want to create training or nutrition programs specifically tailored to the requirements of each individual client? You can!

We have developed a special WellnessQED app that you can download for FREE from the Apple or Google app store. Just answer a few questions about your client and the app shall generate a customized program for that client. Now you can deliver even better results for your clients!

Register yourself.

+91 99100 06803