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A blend of Dextrose, Fructose & Maltodextrin; Ideal for Carb Loading before intense workout or game. 2.725 Kg

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  • 100% Carb Blend with 80% Long-chain Carbohydrates
  • All Natural – No Artificial Sweetener
  • VEGAN- 100% Plant Origin
  • Brio Basic Smart carbs contains Maltodextrin, Dextrose and Fructose.
  • Maltodextrin, a long-chain carb source provides a large number of calories within a low concentration, a combination of maltodextrin, dextrose and fructose helps to keep the blood sugar level more stable, providing a more consistent source of energy during physical exertion. While maltodextrin provides long lasting energy, dextrose and fructose provide an early fuel, allowing the body to utilize the energy to boost performance.
  • Dope-free guaranteed.
  • Genuine & Original
  • Available in 3 exciting flavours: Cookies & Cream & Mango Mania
  • Responsible Nutrition: All Brio Basic supplements are formulated with utmost responsibility and safety to ensure they do not harm you in anyway. They do not contain any harmful, banned ingredients, steroids or dope.
  • Best Ingredients: All Brio Basic products use the best available International and Indian ingredients. The brand also strongly believes in having as few as possible ingredients for each formulation.
  • Best Prices: Brio Basic range of Fitness Nutrition is available to you at best possible prices because it has been created to cater directly to you without any channel in the middle.
  • 100% Replacement Guarantee: In case you are not entirely satisfied with the product, you can always avail of this guarantee.
  • Free After Sales Service: Once you have bought the product and have questions regarding its usage, and the correct nutrition to reach your fitness goal etc. can be answered by our Customer Care Executives.


Why Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are key for maximum energy, speed, stamina, concentration, recovery and better fluid balance. They are vital for athletes and active individuals because they are the primary fuel for your body.

Think of carbohydrates as the gas needed to fuel a car. Without gas, a car won't run. Likewise, without carbohydrates, your body will not have the fuel it requires to support your daily mental and physical activities.

Who is it for?

This product is meant for people such as athletes, body builders, sports-persons and active adults. 


We are not doctors and we cannot replace your health practitioner. We believe in modern medicine and you should too. If you have a medical condition or lack knowledge about the use of our products, please seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional first.

None of our products are medicines nor are they meant to substitute medicines for any medical condition. If in doubt, always take advice from a qualified practitioner. Please contact us if you have any doubts.

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