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Brio Reload is a perfect rehydration drink for athletes, sports-persons or any other individual in need of rehydration and a quick energy boost. Complete with necessary electrolytes and Vitamins B complex and Vitamin C.

Manufactured in an ISO 22000 certified facility.

Ideal for maintaining high energy performance!

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Brio Reload when mixed with suggested quantity of water ensures enhanced fluid and electrolyte intake, thanks to its recommended 6% osmotic solution, 5:1 Sodium to Potassium ratio and presence of key water soluble vitamins. Brio Reload gives you fast hydration and energy when you need it most. If you train hard and push your body to its limits, Brio Reload can be a key factor in maintaining performance. Each standard serving of Brio Reload provides 123 Kcal of energy with necessary electrolytes and Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C.

Suitable For

  • Athletes, cyclists and sports persons playing individual or team sports
  • Recreational and professional body-builders
  • Active adults
  • Children requiring rehydration

Key Features

  • Rapid rehydration
  • 120+ kCal of energy per dose
  • Necessary electrolytes along with Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C

Additional Information

Pack Size1.2 kg
IngredientsDextrose, sucrose, abscorbic acid, citric acid, sodium chloride, vitamin premix, potassium chloride. Contains nature identical flavouring substance and permitted colours.
Allergy InformationFree from dairy, egg, gluten, soy and yeast.
Recommended Dosage16.5g to 33g depending on shorter or longer duration game.
Recommended Usage16.5g per 250ml of chilled water. Entire pack of 1.2kg in 18 litres of water for entire team.


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